Corporate Connect

CSR Connext associates with corporates to design strategies to accomplish newly defined CSR objectives and missions. From need assessment to impact assessment and through evaluation of the process, CSR Connext ensures that projects implemented are aligned with CSR objectives.

We enable corporates to connect with our associated NGOs which are relevant to the defined objectives.

NGO Connect

CSR Connext is a pillar of unyielding support to all its associated NGOs. We put NGOs in touch with corporates. The NGOs’ expertise combined with adequate funds from corporate optimizes the scale of the impact on a community.

We also help NGOs promote their cause and spread their message among the masses, an instance of which is organizing fund raising events.

Government Connect

Government connect is two faceted. One is seeking the government’s help and collaborating with it for the implementation of ideas and accomplishment of goals and objectives.

The other facet is assisting the government in delivering its schemes and programs to the targeted persons or communities.

Individual Connect

Individual Social Responsibility – ISR is about connecting an individual to the society – an individual who is willing to contribute and do his/her bit to make a difference.