Strategic CSR

Strategic CSR refers to CSR initiatives carefully designed and aligned with the company’s strategy and philosophy. We work with corporates from the project identification and design stage through management of funds, involvement of employees, planning and implementation to regular monitoring, impact assessment and reporting.

CSR Branding

The foundation of all Corporate Social Responsibility is its accountability towards the stakeholders and a transparency in dealings. This responsibility creates and maintains a balance between the social responsibilities of a corporate and the benefits of the stake holders. CSR Branding not only creates a positive uprightness of the company but also helps in establishing a strong and positive reputation among its employees and clients. For any company this is one of the most crucial parts of business marketing. Brand building is important and that is why CSR is the best way to reach out to the clients and employees.

At CSR Connext we provide CSR Branding services to corporate. Our branding programs will help the corporate to enhance their brand value along with the products and services they are offering. We make sure that our programs for CSR Branding create a positive image of the company that gets reflected towards the employees and their stakeholders. Our team of experts will highlight and promote the company in their positive efforts to the society and its various causes. We help the corporate and companies to connect with various organisations that work for social causes as well as NGOs in order to keep up with their CSR responsibilities and in turn helps in CSR Branding. 

Capacity Building

Capacity building or community capacity building is the concept or approach to various social and inter personal developments that mainly focus on problems and social issues that inhibit the corporate, companies, governments and not for profit organisations.  It is a kind of an investment that has its effect on future sustainability of an organization. Capacity building programs are essential for not for profit organisations and government organisations and these programs involve

  • The improvement of volunteer recruitment process
  • Identification of a communication strategy
  • Building a pragmatic leadership succession
  • Creating or updating a technology for non profit organisations
  • Comprehensive report on the growth and outcome of the projects undertaken

At CSR Connext, we pioneer in creating and introducing projects that helps the not for profit organisations as well as government organisations to have a proper community capacity building. Our team of experts help various not for profit organizations in achieving their mission of social services successfully by enhancing their effective approach and making an impact on the society at large. We make them the evangelist of transformation at the grass root level through our advanced programs.  

Need Assessment

One of the most important parts of CSR is finding out the requirement of the community through “Need Assessment”. Need assessment is a systematic process through which a company can identify the needs of the community or the development that can help fill the gap between the present situation and an ideal state. The need assessment involve various stages of identification, determination and analysis of the requirement and need to improve or rectify the current situation. It involves intricate and complex planning from which various projects are created in order to facilitate the society with improvement or rectification.     

We, at CSR Connext carry out extensive research using quantitative and qualitative methods such as baseline surveys, in depth interviews, focus group discussion, participatory observations in order to determine the needs and requirement of the present condition. Our need assessment experts carry out in depth research and study on various social conditions that requires intervention and immediate or long term project implementation of the corporate and NGOs. With our in depth research and comprehensive report we help the companies in leading different improvement and rectification projects to assist in their social responsibility and a sustainable intervention.    

Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment is the process through which an organization can identify the consequences of proposed action on a social, economic or environmental cause. It is the study of determining the different consequences, good or bad of a project undertaken for the improvement of a community. Impact assessment is essentially required for ensuring that the programs, projects and various social policies that are taken by are socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable. It requires proper skill sets to determine the impact of a project on the social-economic life of a community. Impact assessment helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a project.   

At CSR Connext, we conduct intensive research on the impact and consequences of the projects and programs designed for the improvement of a community. Our team of experts have the desired skill set and knowledge in finding out the issues that may affect a community adversely through a project or program designed for improving their problem. CSR Connext is dedicated to the social communities that need assistance for improvement and correction at various stages of growth and development. We gauge the effectiveness of a particular CSR intervention on a community and help in tweaking the programs to ensure proper growth and improvement.  

Rural Training

We design and provide training across different sectors to enable community members to live a better life in terms of health, hygiene, sanitation, education and vocational training according to the needs of the society.

CSR/ ISR Events

CSR events are very important when it comes to the overall wellbeing of a village or rural areas. A lot of corporate and individuals extend their hands as a part of their CSR/ISR activity. These events are mainly based on the wellbeing of the villagers such as:

  • Setting up of Free Health Camps
  • Special health camps for women & children
  •  Educational tours
  • Organising fairs
  • Celebrating festivals
  • Vocational workshops

CSR events are organised by professional companies in order to provide the corporate and individuals with an option to organize welfare activities as a part of their responsibility towards the society at large.

We, at CSR Connext offer to arrange and organize various events related to CSR/ISR activities. We organize health camps, education workshops, village fairs, vocational workshops festival celebrations and much more for our corporate clients as well as individuals. We make sure that the event is a great success and it benefits both the organiser as well as the villagers. We also promote awareness and teaching beyond the classrooms. Our team of experts make it happen for the corporate and individuals and bring a smile on every villager’s face.